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We serve as a 1031 exchange Qualified Intermediary (QI) for real estate investors nationwide. We make the process easy. We provide a one stop, turnkey 1031 exchange process with the professionalism, experience, speed and security you need to close your transactions. We can help with any type of 1031 exchange - deferred exchange, simultaneous exchange, improvement exchange, and reverse exchange.

If you are looking for a 5-star QI for your next 1031 exchange, let us help you Sell Property, Defer Taxes, & Build Wealth.

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What exactly is a 1031 exchange?

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code enables investors and business owners to take advantage of a tremendous vehicle to build wealth and defer tax obligations.

By completing a 1031 exchange, you can sell investment property, and use all of the equity from the sale to acquire other investment property, without having to immediately pay taxes on the capital gains from the property sold.

In short, a 1031 exchange helps you accomplish what most investors desire – buy new property, build wealth, increase equity, and defer paying capital gains taxes.

Types of Exchanges We Process
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What are the steps in a 1031 exchange?

Ten Easy Steps to your 1031 exchange

  1. Exchangor and buyer sign a real estate sales contract with a cooperation clause for property being sold (the "Relinquished Property").
  2. Exchangor retains WealthBuilder 1031 to serve as Qualified Intermediary (QI) before closing.
  3. Exchangor signs WealthBuilder 1031's exchange documents prior to closing or  during closing (at the title company) on the Relinquished Property being sold.
  4. Title company wires net sales proceeds to the Exchangor's segregated trust account under WealthBuilder 1031's control. The account is under the Exchangor's name and tax identification number.
  5. Exchangor identifies new investment property (the "Replacement Property") within 45 days of closing.
  6. Exchangor and seller sign a real estate sales contract with a cooperation clause for Replacement Property being bought.
  7. Owner signs WealthBuilder 1031's exchange documents prior to closing or  during closing (at the title company) on the Replacement Property being bought.
  8. Owner closes on replacement property within 180 days of original sale. Property is directly deeded to Owner and the exchange is complete.
  9. WealthBuilder 1031 wires Exchangor's trust funds directly to title company.
  10. Owner reports the transaction on his tax return for the year in which the Relinquished Property was sold.

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What Can I Save?

A 1031 exchange allows property owners to defer paying capital gains taxes on the sale of their original property, which can result in significant tax savings. Instead of paying taxes on the gains from the sale of the original property, the gains are rolled over into the purchase of a replacement property. Fill out this calculator to see how much you could potentially save in taxes.

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