1031 Exchange 101: 8 Facts New Investors Should Know

Curious about 1031 exchanges and how they can defer capital gains tax on the sale of investment properties? Before diving in, understanding these “need-to-know” facts is vital for successful planning:

  1. It’s Not One Swap: A 1031 exchange involves selling a qualifying property (relinquished property) and buying one or more like-kind replacement properties within strict timeframes.
  2. “Like-Kind” Is Broader Than You Think: Like-kind encompasses almost all real property held for investment or business purposes. Even vacant land can be exchanged for a rental property (and vice versa).
  3. The 45-Day Identification Rule: From the closing date of your relinquished property sale, you have 45 days to identify potential replacement properties in writing to your Qualified Intermediary.
  4. The 180-Day Closing Rule: You have a total of 180 days (including the 45-day identification period) to finalize the purchase of your chosen replacement properties.
  5. You Can’t Touch the Money: Proceeds from the relinquished property sale must be held by a Qualified Intermediary throughout the exchange. Direct receipt of funds may disqualify your tax deferral.
  6. Upgrading is Ideal: To fully defer tax, your replacement property must be of equal or greater value than the one you sold. Partial exchanges are possible, but incur some tax liability based on the proportions.
  7. Debt Matters: Existing mortgages on your relinquished property affect how much cash needs to be reinvested (along with sale proceeds) to keep the tax deferral benefits.
  8. Qualified Intermediary (QI) is Key Using a reputable QI who specializes in 1031 exchanges is essential for regulatory compliance and protecting your tax advantages.

Beyond the Basics: WealthBuilder 1031 is Your Exchange Resource

These initial facts are simply the starting point. From property qualification nuances to advanced exchange strategies, our team is here to provide experienced guidance throughout your 1031 process.

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